Dalhurst 1

Session 2

After resting the group continues through the cave. They encounter a few bandit stragglers and swiftly take them out. They walk out and see daylight. Aelar leads the group to Dalhurst and once they arrive they split and do their own things. The meeting starts and the fountain becomes flooded with travellers. An old mage appears and starts his speech. The mage is asking for a search party to find a magical item for an orb called Vozil Inimus, with a reward of 50k gold and two great magical items. The time frame for the search is 6 months. The mage vanishes and the group signs up as a group in the tavern to begin their quest. They stick around the town talking to other adventurers gaining contacts and making friends. Pierce goes to the town center and finds a lady crying about her missing husband. Pierce offers to help find her husband. Pierce recruits a girl named Jilorah to help find the missing husband. The group asks around for info as to where the husband went before he went missing. The worker of the general store gave clues as to where they went and the group heads off.



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