Dalhurst 2

Session 3

The group travels north from Dalhurst and find the landmark they mentioned and head towards the direction the goblins were. As they were walking through the forest tracking footprints heading in the group gets ambushed by goblins. As the group is fighting reinforcements for the goblins show up. Soon after Piers is knocked unconscious. The group quickly disposes of the rest. They make camp as they wait for Peirs to wake up. After 2 hours Peirs wakes up. He finds the woman's husband dead amongst the bodies. After a small chat the group decides on what to do next. Talon and Peirs set off to track the hobgoblin that got away. After an hour of tracking they find him and he peacefully surrenders. Piers sets Talon to get the others and on his way back gets lost. Piers calmly talks to the hobgoblin and he reveals that he was hired to kidnap people. The hobgolin revealed that the man that hired him is a man called Thiax. He described Thiax as a fat man wearing brown with a large top hat and and blind from one eye. It was then Piers realized it was a man from the tavern. Piers releases the hobgoblin and returns to the group to find that Talon has not returned. The group waits until sunlight and then go out to look for him. After a few hours they find Talon and then return to the city. Piers informs the woman of her husbands death and gives her a few personal item he had found on the corpse. Jilorah realizes she was not assigned a group and rushes to the barkeep then sprints out the door with only enough time for a goodbye. The group relaxes for the day and go their ways.



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