Dalhurst 3

Session 4

The group awakens after resting for the day and Pierce relays information he remembered the kolbolt told him, to look into a church. Everyone agrees and they start by attending the morning sermon. Alear notices a trapdoor under the rug and takes note of it. After the sermon he relays the information and the group plans to check it out at night. The group decides to run errands. While on an errand Bruun hears kids singing a song about an old church in the woods. When everyone meets up for night raid Bruun relays this new found information. The group decides to split the party and have Pierce and Talon go the the town church while Bruun and Aelar look for the old. As Pierce and Talon search through the town church guards walk in and demand them to surrender. Pierce gets arrested and Talon gets away. Talon runs to the others to tell them and they go back for him. Talon incriminates himself and gets arrested too. Talon pays to bail out him and Pierce. The group continues to the old church in the forest. After a while they find it. As they enter they see a man and someone tells him to stop the group. The statues reanimate and starts attacking the group. Pierce enters the fray late but sees Thiax in front of an alter chanting with the mayor's daughter and Jilorah by his side. Thiax grabs Jilorah and slices her throat over the alter ultimately killing her. The group finishes off the statues and stops Thiax before he can kill the mayor's daughter. The group return the town and the town is looking for her. Upon her safe return everyone is thankful. The group drinks while mourning the lost of a friend and end up going to bed.



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