Dalhurst 4

Session 5/5.5

The group wakes up and go downstairs to eat breakfast when they get a letter from an unknown sender telling them to meet them outside. The group goes and a child named Toby appears in front of them telling them to help him and will reward them with a jewel. The group agrees and they head out. In the forest they get ambushed by wolves. After a tough battle Talon ultimately dies. The group continues and makes it to the farm. They meet a robot and the robot tells the group he needs a lock of ogre hair and devils blood. The group agrees to help him and rest for the night. In the morning Toby leads them to an ogre's den. After slaying the ogre they take the hair. After returning they find out a devil lives in Dalhurst so they return to get the blood. They find out who the devil is and they see him. The group knocks on his door and he invites them in. While talking the devil gets aggressive and transforms into his real form. After a quick battle the devil realizes they aren't a threat and makes a deal with them. He gives them blood in return for a favor whenever he calls upon them. The group returns to the farm and give the items to the robot. Robot takes them to a temple where the group must solve riddles. Once they figure it out the robot makes a portal and leaves. The group gets their reward and return to the town and do mundane errands. Pierce looks for her mother and finds out that she went to Duncaster with his father.



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